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About Us

Kibble Education and Care Centre is Scotland’s specialist centre for at risk children and young people.

We provide care placements to young people aged 5-25 from across Scotland who have complex social, emotional and educational needs.

Our range of services are designed to help each young person reach their potential and our Intensive Fostering Services (IFS) are a vital part of this. On this page you’ll learn more about fostering and, if you’re considering becoming a foster carer, it will give you the information you need to help make up your mind.

Could you look after a child in your own home? Could you help them when they need it most?
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Fostering a child means giving them a home and supporting them when they can’t stay with their own family.
IFS co-ordinates and supports these placements, making sure children get the stability and support of a caring home.

At Kibble, permanent and respite carers work together to provide the extended family our children need. A lot of myths have grown up around fostering. People assume they can’t foster because they don’t have a partner or because they’re gay or because they don’t own their home. But...

- You can be single or in a relationship
- You can be gay or straight
- You can apply from the age of 21 and keep doing it for as long as you’re healthy
- You can own your own house or rent
- You can be a parent or have no children of your own

Carers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures foster because they can deal patiently and consistently with challenging behaviour, understand the needs of young people who have had disrupted family situations and persevere when things are tough.

The young people we place (5-18) have had difficult experiences in their lives and have sometimes been neglected or abused. Caring for them is challenging, but also very rewarding as you help them to become members of safe and caring families in which they have a chance to fulfil their potential.

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Adult Placements

At times, 16 years old is too young to remove the support that a foster family provides and in these cases, Kibble Education and Care Centre's Adult Placement Services can help.

Through this service, young people continue to live in a family home up until they are 25. The young person won’t officially be in foster care but will benefit from the high level of support family living offers as you provide them with a home while helping them prepare for independent living.

Carers come from all walks of life but all have in common their ability to provide a positive role model for the young person. Some people find their lifestyle is better suited to supporting an adult placement as it allows you to carry on with another full time job in a way that fostering with Kibble does not.

Our latest inspection report

Are You Eligible?

Foster carers for any organisation need to enjoy working with children first and foremost! If you feel you can deal patiently and consistently with challenging behaviour, understand the needs of young people who have had disrupted family situations and persevere when things are tough then keep reading...

Our children and young people often have complex needs and the most difficult of circumstances so we have some conditions that not all fostering organisations have.

We ask that you:

  • Live within 25 miles of Paisley, Renfrewshire
  • Live in a household with no under 16s
  • Have experience with children and adolescents 
  • Are able to bring the child to school every day
  • Live alone or with a live in partner of at least two years


Why Choose Us?

Fostering is tough. It demands a lot of your time, your energy – and your patience. We understand exactly what we’re asking of our carers and that’s why we provide an unparalleled level of support. This has proven to work for our carers as time and again, we have recruited foster carers who choose to stay with us year after year.

Practical Support
Supporting a young person’s development into adulthood whilst catering for all their day to day needs is no small task so Kibble is there to help every step of the way. Through our Arran Day Service, we offer:

  • Substantial fees and allowances to make fostering financially viable
  • Respite care that gives both you and the young person a break
  • Evening and weekend activities for the children
  • A child and youth care worker with whom you can discuss the young person’s needs and progress
  • Specialist interventions which provide any psychological support the young person needs
  • A school place, either in Kibble or in their local school in which they have the support of their key worker
  • Access to an informal community of carers who have been there and done it

Professional Development
Foster caring is both a career and a way of life. Our carers are one part of a professional team and are supported to develop a fulfilling career. This includes:

  • Training: If you don’t already have the required social care qualifications (SVQ3 and HNC in Social Care), we will help you achieve these.
  • Development: The best carers are the ones who feel inspired by what they do! One of the ways we recruit and retain the best carers is by giving you every opportunity to develop your skills and progress in your career. Be it more training or chances to spend time with other carers, we encourage you to do whatever it takes to keep learning!
  • Support: You will have someone to turn to for advice or support whenever you need it. Alongside regular support from other care professionals, you’ll have access to a close network of carers who can give you advice and simply share their experiences.
  • Enrichment: A fundamental part of any career in the child and youth care sector is the enormous reward that comes with helping a child through a difficult time, seeing them grow as individuals and enabling them to achieve their potential. This feeling can’t be overestimated!

With our Intensive Fostering Service and Adult Placement Service, you have the peace of mind that comes from being part of a supportive and joined up service with 24/7 support.

Info Sessions

To learn more about fostering with Kibble, please come along to our next Info Session which takes at 6.30pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 28 June
  • Wednesday 30 August
  • Wednesday 27 September

These informal sessions take place at The Experience, Lothian Street, Hillington Park, G52 4JR. We'll be there to pour the coffee and answer all of your questions!

Call 0141 840 6269 to find out more.

Meet a Carer

Linda's Story

Foster caring is both a career and a way of life and it can be difficult to imagine what life as a carer might look like. Linda, one of our carers, has told us a little about what day-to-day life is like now:


I have been involved with IFS at Kibble for nine years. During that time I have completed my HNC and SVQ3 in Social Care and Child Care. There are all kinds of training opportunities to further your knowledge and experience, all of which are funded by IFS at Kibble.

One of the best aspects of IFS is that you get excellent support on a 24/7 basis. There is always someone to talk to whether it's the duty manager, one of the staff or one of the other foster carers. The support we receive from managers and key-workers really is second to none. For instance, as well as providing planned respite for carers IFS also provides emergency respite if any issues arise with the young person in your care.

We get very involved in all aspects of the foster care process from delivering training and joining in open evenings to manning recruitment stalls at local shopping centres.

Annette's Story

Annette has been fostering full time with Kibble for just under a year, looking after a 12 year old girl called Lucy*.


Fostering with Kibble has been a rewarding experience for us. My husband and I have been looking after Lucy for just under a year now, and we've seen first-hand how she has developed into a much more secure, settled and happy young girl. It's great to see how we can make such a positive difference.

We have a great relationship with Lucy; we love to go swimming, bake up a storm in the kitchen, or just enjoy family nights in together. Our lives have changed a lot since becoming foster carers, and I feel that it's been really important for my family to realise the value of helping others.

My husband and I felt we had a lot to offer children going through care; he attended Kibble as a teenager so we knew about the charity already. The level of support and training available to us as foster carers has been excellent. We have found that with Kibble there are always staff on hand if we need them, and other foster carers available to offer advice and support.

Isobel's Story

Isobel has been a foster carer for 11 years.


Fostering a young person means going on a journey with them. Where on the one hand you're teaching them new skills and helping them to grow and flourish, on the other you're also learning, and constantly developing a greater depthof understanding and empathy for the young people in your care.

Isla,* the young person I'm currently fostering, is a keen artist and we have a room in the house with all of her artwork on the walls. We love cooking together - after I first showed Isla basic cookery and safety skills she took to it, and now has her own set of pots and pans in the kitchen. Building a relationship with the young person in your care takes time and patience, but the rewards are there when a young person looks up to you, when you gain their trust.

The support and training I've received from Kibble's fostering team has been very helpful in dealing with some of the more challenging times. They don't throw you in at the deep end and are always there to help. Isla has a great relationship with her key worker, Michelle. She's been a good role model for Isla and is great at motivating her to achieve the things that she wants. Michelle is a positive and upbeat character and has done wonders to bring Isla out of her shell.

Isla has a great relationship with her key worker, Michelle. She's been a good role model for Isla and is great at motivating her to achieve the things that she wants. Michelle is a positive and upbeat character and has done wonders to bring Isla out of her shell.

Seeing a young person grow and overcome their difficulties, it gives you such a good feeling. I'm still close to many of the young people I fostered over the years, and we often get together for a cuppa and recreate the happy memories of our past.

Norma's Story

Norma was a respite foster carer for seven years, and has supported Simon* in his adult placement for the last three years.


I have a good relationship with Simon; he trusts and confides in me. Simon is an adult himself now and has his own independence, but I'm there for him when he needs me. It hasn't always been easy and there have been difficult times but it's rewarding to see a young person grow and flourish. It's all the little things that make it worthwhile; teaching a child a good work ethic, giving them the confidence to go out into the world and get a job.

I came to fostering through serving on a children's panel, where I saw a lot of cases that had come up for consideration for emergency foster care. My day job was in sales, but when I saw a Kibble advertisement for foster carers in the newspaper, I had an interview within the week! From the early days when I did the training, right through to now, the Kibble team have always been there to answer all my questions and provide support and advice. I can't fault the level of support I get from Kibble. They're only ever a phone call away if I need them, and the staff are very approachable and really help to give you confidence in yourself as a foster carer.

It's really important for me to be engaged with my local community as a foster carer, to challenge prejudices about looked after children. People have these preconceived ideas about who these children are, but I've long since learned that children in care are just ordinary boys and girls that need a bit of extra helpand support.

I've had a fortunate life, and it's important to me to give something back to those who haven't been so lucky. It's very different from looking after your own children, but if you want to do this and you think you can, what's stopping you?

Carolanne's Story

Carolanne has been a full time foster carer for six years, and is currently looking after Aaran* who is 13.


Fostering a young person with Kibble is an amazing opportunity to change someone's future. I would recommend it to anyone!

Of course, it's not without its challenges, but the rewards are far greater than most other careers. To be able to give Aaran, and other children we've fostered, experiences they never imagined possible is incredible. Christmas is a particularly special time - seeing their faces light up when 'Santa has been', or taking them on their first holiday, is magical.

My husband James and I have a great relationship with Aaran. We're a team and we do a lot together as a family unit, like trips to the cinema, or walks in the country near our house. Our extended family are also involved; essentially you become a family that fosters! Aaran is an inquisitive wee boy and enjoys learning new skills - James is currently teaching him woodwork and metal craft. It's taken a while, but we've gained Aaran's trust and it's great to see him happier and more settled.

I ensure that Aaran has clear boundaries and knows what we expect from him, as well as him from us. He understands that the boundaries are there for his protection and guidance, because we care about him.

The level of support from Kibble is second to none. You're not left to do the job on your own; there's always support and advice on hand when you need it. Aaran also has a dedicated key worker, who's a great support both to Aaran and to us. When Kibble say they offer 24/7 support, they mean it.

It's fair to say that fostering has changed my life. It's a full time job, and your routine and lifestyle naturally change as a result. I really enjoy it and we wouldn't be without Aaran. For me, fostering is a hugely rewarding career and definitely beats the nine to five routine!

* Name has been changed to protect the young person's identity.

Give Me A Chance

This film was made by The Fostering Network's young champions:

This film is for everyone, for those in care themselves and carers, teachers, social workers and for classmates of anyone who is in care.

Give Me A Chance Video

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